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Air Hospital



Canguro onlus Flights Aid had realised the first European Air Hospital, using an old Fokker F27 Mk500, transformed in "hospital" at Miniliner facility in Bergamo Italy.
Our Air Hospital was operative in the years 2010, 2011 and the beguinning of 2012. On the plane there were two ophthalmological operation theaters, fully equipped with hitech medical material. The activity was exiting and well organised and hundreds of patients were operated on our plane.


2005: Our president and founder mr Alessandro Modia Rore, had the idea to create the first European Air Hospital. He was active with Canguro onlus Flights Aid since 1999 during the war in Kosovo

2009 march: The project Air Hospital, was selected by the italian foundriser Mediafriends as one of the 4 projects they would have supported that year, with the money that the italian people had donated during their television program: La Fabbrica del Sorriso. They collect for our charity 500.000 €

Fokker 27 Orio al Serio - Bergamo ITALY

The Fokker 27 upon arrival at Bergamo - Orio al Serio Airport

Fokker 27

The Fokker 27 parked at Bergamo - Airport - before the D-Check

2009 september: Canguro onlus Flights Aid had bought the plane Fokker F27 from the british aeronautical broker EJS (Executive Jet Support) for 300.000€

2009 october: The plane, ex Fed EX, arrived from US after a long ferry flight, to Miniliner facility in Bergamo - Italy. Miniliner performed the D Check (complate renewing of the plane and re-paint) in record time (october 2009 - march 2010) for 200.000€

2010 january: thanks to a loan from UniCredit Bank in Italy, Canguro is able to buy the rest of the material needed for the technical and medical part of the project (generators 3.000€, operations beds 6.000€, surgical microscopes 30.000€, insurance of the plane 35.000€, ects)

2010 10th march: Open day c/o Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport with: European Commisioner of Health, Channel 5 of Mediaset, the italian reporter Tony Capuozzo and many guests.

2010 1st june: First flight from Bergamo Italy till Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso (Cost to be cover: fuel, airport taxes in Costantine and Tamarraset in Algerie, Hotel for all the team, airline return tickets for all the team with Royal Air Morocco, food for all the team, ects)

2010 3rd june till 20th june: operated of cataracts, circa 215 patients during the first mission. The 21st of june return of the last members of the team to Italy and left the airplane parked c/o the Ouagadougou Air Club

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2010-2011: Other missions in Burkina Faso

2013 18th january: Due to the terrible economical crisis in Europe and specially in Italy where our charity had most of its sponsors and supporters, we were forced to sell the plane. We sold the plane for 270.000US$ to the french company Dart Aviation BVI (St Malo -France- CEO Mr Alain Asselah).

At the date of, 15th of February 2015, Dart Aviation BVI still owe 40.000US$ circa.

Alessandro Modia Rore with the Sales Director of Eurovinil, dr. Massimo Mazzella


This aircraft was used to operate in underdeveloped countries in normal conditions and wherever there is need in extraordinary conditions (disaster, tsunami, earthquakes, etc.). The aircraft was equipped with two ophthalmic operating theaters and an external pneumatic tent with 2 beds, a diagnostic area and pharmacie.

We were able to cure those patients who were not receving specialised assistance because they live in isolated villages, or to the best of hopes are forced to face long pilgrimages to reach hospitals in their country’s capital. On top of the child’s isolation in its environment there are unsustainable costs for the families to be added that are related to accompaniment expenses.

In some countries a plain eye infection, that often leads to operable blindness, causes serious clinical, economical and social problems for the young sick children and their families.


Upon arrival at destination, the Eurovinil pneumatic tent was set up and acted as a consulting room and as an in-patient ward.

The medical equipment for eye surgery were fixed on board and the diagnostic in the tent.

The aircraft's dimensions allow all activities to be performed on board.


The airplane is a FOKKER 27 and has a cost of:
€ 300.000: Airplane From EJS
€ 200.000: D-Check performed at this dicaounted price, by Miniliner in Bergamo Airport.
€ 165.000: Medical equipements (Loan from UniCredit Bank)

Its transport capacity is of 50 passengers and was cut down to 13 so as to allow the installation of medical equipment on board.


The advantages of this aircraft were that it was the least expensive in its category and that it can easily land on rough runways.


Canguro onlus Flights heartedly thanks Eurovinil S.p.A. for its precious support in supplying the 4-arch pneumatic tent manufactured with leading-edge materials. The tent was mounted outside the aircraft during missions so as to protect us from heat and bad weather besides acting as a pre and post operating theatre.

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