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Who we are


Alessandro Modia Rore, President and Founder of the Association, was born in Santiago – Chile – on April 10, 1970.
At the same time, he achieved a BA in Political Science at the University of Turin and in 2001 he achieved a BA in Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Operations at the same university.
In 1990 he achieved the diploma and a licence as Private Aircraft Pilot in Argentina.

In 1995 he achieved a commercial aircraft licence with qualifications for instrumental flight (I.F.R.) and to pilot multi-engine aircrafts (M.E.L.) at the “Ocala Flight Centre” in Ocala Florida USA.

From 2004 to 2008 he piloted a Cessna Citation 525 for an American jet executive company.
In 2007 in view of the Air Hospial Project within the Canguro onlus Flights Aid, he realises that his American aircraft licence needs to be converted into a European one so he subscribes to the Touring Flying Institute in Turin for the ATPL theory course.
In November 2008 he takes and passes the 14 theory exams in Rome at the ENAC (National Civil Aviation Institute) and in February 2009 he flies to Florida in the United States where he takes his practice exams at the Ormond Beach Aviation. He passes the Commercial and European Multi-Engine exams in compliance to the British regulations (UK-CAA).
The following month whilst in Sweden to promote the association, he converts the instrumental licence at the AIRWAYS flyig school in Bromma and on March 31 2009 he finally achieves the Commercial Instrumental Multi-engine JAA licence.
In April 2009 he takes the MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) course in Mallorca - Spain at the PANAMEDIA flying school that is the missing piece in the European training.


In 1999, during the tragic events of the war in Kosovo, the idea of creating a humanitarian operation that could in some way comfort the defenceless population, began to take shape. (see Missions >>>
Following these first missions that were supported by the Province of Turin and Don Ciotti’s Abele Group, the necessary papers for the foundation of the association were gathered, and following some reprocessing it took the name:

Canguro o.n.l.u.s. Flights Aid

The aim is to help the defenceless, the little ones, those who cannot do anything against adult cruelty.

What seemed to be just a romantic and juvenile idea has materialzed thanks also to the family's solidarity and that of all those people who helped him in making it come true.


The association is currently moving to keep flying the first European Air Hospital created in 2010: European Air Hospital.

This very ambitious project does not prevent the association from organising humanitarian operations periodically that have the aim of taking medicines, food for children and hospital equipment that is so badly needed in depressed areas of Third World countries or underdeveloped countries.

Some humanitarian operations carried out in the world:

Repubblica Dominicana 2
Repubblica Dominicana 1
Pro Kenya 1
Argentina 3
Argentina 2
Argentina 1


Particular acknowledgement on behalf of Alessandro Modia Rore goes to the teachers for the Master in Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Operations:

Ambasciatore Sergio Romano

Generale Leonardo Prizzi
Vice Comandante
Scuola di Applicazione

Generale Loi
Comandante Missione Italiana in Somalia

Prof. Stefano Silvestri
Vice Presidente
Istituto Affari Internazionali

Gen. Orofino

Sen. Giangiacomo Migone

Prof. Johan Galtung

Sen. Saverio Vertone

Gen. Giorgio Cornacchione
Com. Brigata Alpina Taurinense
Comandante Missione Italiana
Timor Est

e in particolare al

Prof. Antoniotto
Coordinatore del corso

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