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Since 1999 Canguro o.n.l.u.s. Flights Aid flies bringing humanitarian relief to the poor, war struck populations and those in natural disaster areas throughout the world.

We need your help to keep flying and bring support and aid rapidly and efficiently where there is most need.

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The Grace Hospital is a reality created thanks to the partnership between Canguro onlus Flights Aid and the swedish NGO Västafrikahjälpen. The hospital is located in the sorrundings of Bobo Dioulasso - Burkina Faso and cover a population of about 1,5 mil of people.

The hospital is already active, but will be fully operative with its two operation rooms for the end of 2014. Canguro onlus Flights Aid has donated all medical equipment were used on our ex Air Hospital [ continue ]


We would like to thank the Management of the Winter Garden Hotel of Bergamo, for the great support it provides by accommodating us in its facilities with discount rates and complimentary nights.

Park to Fly instead supports us since 2009, with free parking in all the airports where they are present.

A heartfelt thank you!

History and Future

Here below you can see our projects past, present and future

Mombasa - Kenya: SIRIO School c/o Tumaini Childrend's Home - OPERATIVE!

Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso: AIR HOSPITAL - SOLD 18th January 2013!

Bobo Dioulasso - Burkina Faso: La GRACE Hospital OPERATIVE!

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