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La Fabbrica del Sorriso 2009



Real help for a better future


2009 - Sixth Edition


The testimonials for the Fabbrica del Sorriso 2009 who went to the various locations around the world to document the conditions of life of those children who wll receive aid thanks to the funds raised, are: the journalist, Toni Capuozzo, Andrea Pellizzari from the programme Iene, the actor Andrea Dianetti, ex pupil in the programme "Amici di Maria De Filippi" and the musical group Zero Assoluto.

The marathon started off on Canale 5 on March 15 from the Amici di Maria De Filippi studios. Each day, the magazines Videonews, Mattino Cinque and Pomeriggio Cinque were dediicated to the Fabbrica del Sorriso, with specific reportages during which the spectators were updated on the funds raised. Rita dalla Chiesa spoke largely about fund raising during her programme Forum. The Iene showed the video shot by Andrea Pellizzari in Latin America; the Iena appeared also as a guest in the tv programme Verissimo hosted by Silvia Toffanin. Tony Capuozzo, host of the weekly information programme Terra! showed the reportage recorded in Africa. And again, Andrea Dianetti' reportage was shown during an episode of Amici di Maria De Filippi and the Zero Assoluto reportage was shown during an episode of Stranamore. The programme Anche Secondo Voi hosted by Paolo Del Debbio also spoke about it aas did the programme Pokermania on Italia1. Pokermania dedicated two special episodes with people from showbiz to the charity marathon. The amount raised was devolved to the projects of La Fabbrica del Sorriso.

Sunday, March 22 the fund raising terminated with Paola Perego.
Many entertainment and information programmes as wll as the news on the three networks, dedicated time to the Fabbrica del Sorriso with reportages on the chosen associations' projects, informing the spectators on the different modalities for donations, during the week of fund raising.

R101, the radio station of the Mondadori group was also in the front line durring the fund raising week of La Fabbrica del Sorriso.
In particular the morning show team La Carica di 101 - with Paolo Cavallone, Cristiano Militello, Sergio Sironi, Massimo Lopez and Sara – actively supported the fund raising each day dedicating a special moment after the 101 game at 8 a.m..
The Zero Assoluto, testimonials of the “Cuore di bimbi dall’Italia all’Asia” project then dedicated a complete episode of their programme in the week starting March 16, to their expedition in Kazakistan.
Lastly, during the whole R101 programme schedule, every day starting at 17.00 on March 15 up to 24.00 on March 22, Paolo Cavallone and Cristiano Militello reminded listeners about the initiative and how to donate.

Mediafriends chose a group of four associations with health assistance to infants as their main humanitarian project.

The positive turn out of the fundraising campaing promoted by Mediafriends allowed the financing of a second group of associations.

Taking into account the funds raised, the four associations that will be able to finance their projects with 500.000 Euros each are:


Project: Children's heart from Italy to Asia
Operation Area: Asia
Testimonial: Zero Assoluto

The aim of the project is to operate children affected by serious heart disease in their country, thanks to the 24 missions carried out in Asia by a team of heart surgeons and Italian volunteer doctors.


Project: Air Hospital

Operation Area: Africa
Testimonial: Tony Capuozzo

The project plans to fit out an aircraft with a dental room, two ophthalmic rooms, a telemedicine station and the installation of a pneumatic tent with eight beds.


Project: Pediatric hematology for excellence
Area d’intervento: Italia
Testimonial: Andrea Dianetti

The aim is to create a Pediatric Hematology Centre within the Verga Institute of Monza, to cure children affected by leukaemia.


Project: Together for children against Aids
Operation Area: Latin America
Testimonial: Andrea Pellizzari

The project aims at giving medical, nutritional and psychological support to children affected by Aids or children with parents affected by Aids in the regions of Lima and Arequipa in Peru.

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