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No Frills Fair


Thanks to the Park to Fly company that donated half of their stand and also to the support of the organising company NO FRILLS, we were able to pronote the Air Hospital project during this well-known fair show.

Park to Fly's support, that started off with the free parking service for our staff, becomes everyday more and more important.

The No Frills Fair was an example.

During the event we also promoted 2 dedicated days on behalf of Park to Fly.

In fact, November 15/16 2008 an apparently a common gesture such as parking one's car in one of Park to Fly's lot will become a solidarity gesture.

With the campaign:

"Park Indifference
Let's send them to hell"

all Park to Fly sites will devolve 1€ for each car parked.

Therefore park at "PARK to FLY" and remember you are supporting us!

JP4 Mensile di Aeronautica e Aviazione - Novembre 2008 - Varie - Park to Fly per Canguro

JP4 Monthly Magazine on Aeronautics and Aviation - November 2008

Park to Fly for Canguro

At the end of October the "
Let's park indifference - Let's send them to hell" operation was presented in Bergamo, involving all eight Park to Fly national airport parking sites. The initiative consists in devolving 1€ from parking fees on November 15 and 16 to Canguro onlus Flights Aid that, founded by Alessandro Modia Rore, aims at organising humanitarian flights in those countries where there is need and also at achieving the Air Hospital project, the first European Air Hospital equipped with an operating theatre. The funds raised from this operation developed together with "Park to Fly" are exactly for this purpose.
Those wanting to give a larger contribution to this project, can purchase a T-shirt with Canguro's "Send us to hell" slogan on it at all the group's car parks.

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