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Pro Rep. Dominicana 2

Humanitarian Operations

In the month of July 2008, following a request from the "Primera Dama's Office" and due to the fact that the Dominican Republic was still in an emergency situation after the hurricaine "Noel" in the Carribean area, Livingston airlines and Canguro onlus Flights Aid organised a new humanitarian mission.

We contacted our usual partners which again gave their immediate response, in a substantial and rapid manner therefore making an immediate and extremely efficient intervention possible.

The photos regarding the preparation and control of the products before loading and sending them can be seen below.

The above-mentioned office coordinates all humanitarian aid that reaches the Dominican Republic following problems arisen due to the hurricaine Noel in autumn 2007.

The products collected will be delivered to the different centres operating throughout the Carribean, with the coordination of the governmental organisation structure Despacho de la Primera Dama directed by Dr. Margarita Ceveņo de Fernandez, wife of the President of the Dominican Republic.

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