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Canguro o.n.l.u.s. Flights Aid association's promo events review can be found on this page.

The list will be constantly updated so as to allow you to participate in those programmed.


NALBOXE and Canguro Onlus Flights Aid present "Let's Knock Out Indifference" the first Canguro Nalboxe - Italy vs France Tournament.

January 29 2009 in Rome at the Army Sports Centre at 19.30.

January 31 2009 in Ivrea at the CENA gymnasium at 21.00.


Thanks to the Park to Fly company, that donated half of its stand, and to the support of the organising company NO FRILLS, we were able to promote the Air Hospital project during this well-known trade show.



The engines are rolling at Ferrarin Venegono Inferiore airport where Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 2008 all the citizens were out at a really special open day between earth, sky, music, cabaret and solidarity. The two-day celebration, held in the "winged province" was organised to celbrate the Varese Airclub's 60th anniversary at the best, led by its president Pietro Zanzi.
The "
Good Heavens" show was presented in the convention room within Villa Recalcati, a kermesse with the precious cooperation of the Canguro onlus Flights Aid association during the organising phase.

The two day event featured acrobatic and tourist flights, gliders, take off with a helicopter, lift offs in the air balloon and flight baptism. The was also an exhibition on flight with historical aircrafts. Anniversary celbrations are the best occasion to make the transformation of the Flights School “Accademia del volo di Varese” official. During the evening, when the engines were turned off, there was time for entertainment with a cabaret show with artists from Colorado Café and Zelig (Saturday 21) and with the music by Distretto 51 (Sunday 22) who performed the theme music before the Italy vs Spain match.

Pietro Zanzi, president of the Airclub, declared
«There has been a long time cooperation between Varese Airclub and Cangur onlus Flights Aid We have thought and created this event that is about flight, air but also solidarity. All the events were held so as to involve citizens and allow everyone to get acquainted with our activity. "Good Heavens" is the Airclub's birthday but also the opportunity for a celebration that can donate great emotions to all those participating».
Varese Airclub is therefore a precise and qualified reference point that wants to make a dream come true, that of a career in piloting an aircraft. The school is firmly established with a fleet of 14 aircrafts with highly qualified and professional instructors as well as avant-guard equipment such as Mechtronix, that is the best technology in the flight simulator field. The excellent feedback on the labour market must not be forgotten: 89% of the schoolìs students work for the most important airlines.
Canguro onlus Flights Aid has the aim of bringng comfort to the populations in developing countries. The association was founded in 1999 by the pilot Alessandro Modia Rore and is committed to rasing funds for the purchase of a Fokker 27 aircraft on which medical equipment will be installed. This supportive reality, that can also rely on the logistic support on behalf of Livingstone airlines, is also working on the "Sirio" project that has the aim of buuilding a primary school in Kenya - Mombasa. Anyone wanting to support these projects can find all the indications on the website


“P3Flyers” Swiss acrobatic team exhibition; model aircraft flight demonstration; static show of historical aircrafts; demonstration fly over the airport; fly high in hot air balloons; tourist flights on aircrafts and helicopters.
In the evening a cabaret with the Tesolesi and Papu from Colorado cafè and the fantastic Mammuth from Zelig; official Varese flight academy presentation.

Demonstration fly over the airport; tourist flights on aircrafts and helicopters; “P3 Flyers” –acrobatic team exhibition; model aircraft demonstration; fly high in hot air balloons.

In the evening (at 19) Distretto 51 in concert and an air-song show for the Sirio Project.


In December 2005 we organised a promo evening to launche the "Air Hospital" project.

The beautiful model and show girl Yuma and the popular Mammuth from Zelig participated.

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