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The Sirio project was created and promoted by Commander Roberto Marinelli, Livingston Airways.

Commander Roberto Marinelli usually flies on the Milano Malpensa - Mombasa Kenya route and once he saw the local situation he thought of something useful to help the children in that area.


After a few flights, he had the opportunity of meeting Ms. Joan Smith, founder of the TUMAINI CHILDREN'S HOME centre.

Children suffering from TBC and HIV lodge in this centre.

At the beginning, the help was "limited" to supplying children's clothing and purchasing food for the centre, but the commitment slowly became more substantial.

Later on, Roberto asked Joan if the allotment adjacent to and belonging to the Tumaini centre could be used to build a school for the children of the centre but also for those in the district.

This is the way the SIRIO PROJECT came to light.

Our association has contributed to financing the SIRIO PROJECT with a donation of 15.000 Euros and so has LIVINGSTON airlines (15.000 Euros) together with their ground and air crews, that usually collect funds and products to donate to the centre.

Canguro onlus Flights Aid and LIVINGSTON have also supported the Tumaini Children's Home with a mission ( Pro Kenya 1 Mission).

Works already underway can be seen in these images. We plan to receive your help so as to move forward even faster.


This project has been split into 3 parts:

Building of the first half of the ground floor.

Building of the second half of the ground floor and of the temporary roof.

Building of the first floor. Done!!

Now a day, the school has two floors and 250 kids attend the lessons

Works progress

End of Project

Two classes of the orphanage's orphans are already working in the left wing and the ground floor should be fully completed before summer.

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